Now you can open the door to a world of opportunities with Cisco Rewards, the channel incentive that rewards YOU as an individual, for selling Cisco.

Who can you participate and be eligible to win prizes ?

Cisco Rewards is open to Account Managers and Sales Engineers of Cisco Select Certified and Registered Partners in participating countries within Emerging Markets.

How to Join

You will need your login (username and password) to register online at

Firstly, Cisco Registered and Select Partner principals must register and assume 'Company Administrator; role and accept the Program Terms to allow its employees to join the program. Subsequently, Account Managers and Sales Engineers can register.

Your membership registration is procesed instantly.

How To Earn Points ?

Once an approved member of Cisco Rewards, you may start to earn Cisco Rewards points.

Members can earn Cisco Rewards Points for selling eligible Cisco Small Business products within the Cisco Smart Business Communication Systeem (SBCS), IP Telephony, Wireless Routing, Switching and Small Business solution portfolios.

Each eligible Small Business products has an equivalent Cisco Rewards base points.

Points will aslo be awarded to members who demonstrate focus and commitment to selling Cisco Small Business products and solutions.

3 Simple Steps to Cisco Rewards

Easy Steps and Guideliness to Submitting Claims

Steps to submitting claims

To submit claims, all you need is your distributor invoice number and end-user customer name. Claims may only be made for sales to customers located in participating countries with in Emerging Markets.

Log in to and go to the Claim Point Section


  • One Distributor Invoice number can be claimed by both the Account Manager and Sales Engineer, however once a claim has been made by an Account Manager and Sales Engineer, the Distributor Invoice number cannot be used again. Two participants in the same role cannot both claim for a single Distributor Invoice Number
  • Claims must be submutted within 14 days of Distributor Invoice date.
  • It may take up to 21 days from date of submission for claims to be processed, however once the claim has been verified the points will be allocated to your Cisco Rewards online account
  • Submitted claims will expire after 30 calednar days if no match is found from our records. Once a claim has expired, you will not be able to re-submit and you have a maximum of 14 days to appeal by opening a Program Support Case at
All claims are subject to verification by Cisco and its authorised program representatives. Company Administrators are neither eligible to claim nor redeem Cisco Rewards points for him/herself or on behalf of the Account Manager or Sales Engineer.

Notification of Winners

Members will be able to follow their progress throughout each quarter against that of their colleagues by checking a leader board published on the Cisco Rewards Members site.

Quarterly top performers will be eligible to earn prizes

Each quarter, the participants at the top of the leader board in their 'zone' will be awarded a prize.

The leader board will be published on the Cisco Rewards member site.

Winners will be announced during the week of the following quarter. Winners will be notified by email and informed of their winning prize.