Partner Development Funds (PDF) is a comprehensive channel partner payment program designed to increase the profitability of Cisco partners as they expand their small business or commercial practice. PDF provides quarterly payments to qualifying partners based on their purchases of Cisco Small Business and Commercial products, and it features tracks specifically designed to benefit partners based on their level of Cisco training.

Included in Small Business PDF are the following tracks:

Included in Commercial PDF are the following tracks:

Note: NET POS Values = PDF period bookings less PDF period de-bookings. Bookings are credited as net to Cisco Channel partners will be able to view their account balance at any time using online Partner Program Intelligence tool -

Partners can enroll for PDF in the Cisco Partner Program Enrollment tool. Enrollment is ongoing throughout the fiscal year and sales are counted from the beginning of the fiscal month of enrollment.

Please follow these steps to enroll:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose enroll in a New Program from the Quick Start and click Go
  3. Choose PDF program (SB PDF Core or SB PDF Pro)
  4. Verify your contact details
  5. Click to Accept terms and conditions
  6. Submit your enrollment
What is the definition of registered resellers?

Channel partners must have signed a valid ICPA (Indirect Channel Partner Agreement) or SIA (Systems Integrator Agreement) and appear as a Registered Partner on Cisco Partner Locator.

What is the definition of a SMB Specialized and Foundation Express Partners?

SMB Specialized : Partner having SMB AM, and SMB EN certifications. Should appear as a SMB Select Partner on Cisco Partner Locator.Express Foundation: Partner having CSE, CCDA, CCNA, CXFA , CXFS and CXFF certifications. Should appear as a Express Foundation Partner on Cisco Partner Locator.

What is the definition of a EUC Specialized and BE Authorized Partners?

EUC :Partner having CSE, UCXAM, LCSE and IIUC2 certifications. Should appear as Express Unified Comm Partner on the Partner Locator.BE Authorized Partners : CSE, CCVP, LCSAUC, CCNA Certifications. Should appear as Business Edition Authorized Partner on the partner locator.

More Ways To Enhance Your Sales

Small Business PDF Development Funds (PDF)

The Comprehensive Channel Partner Payment Program Includes :

  • Small Business PDF Cash Back Basic for Cisco Unique Registered Partner Track
  • Small Business PDF Corefor Cisco SMB Specialized Partners and Express Foundation specialized Partners
  • Small Business PDF Profor Cisco SMB Specialized Partners and Express Foundation specialized Partners

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Cisco Rewards is an incentive program rewarding Cisco Select and Registered Partners for selling selected Small Business products

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Channel Syndication Program Delivers real time Cisco Small Business product information on to your website

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Cisco Smart Designs provides network solution best practices in an easy-to-follow format to help you lower costs and achieve increased sales

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To take advantage of the Small Business Fast Track Accelerator Promotion or to find out more about any of the other promotions and programs noted above, contact your Cisco Authorized Distributor Account Manager

Terms and Conditions
This offer cannot be combined with any other promotion. Customers wih separate Cisco memoranda of understanding (MOUs) are not eligible to participate.