WebCollage Channel Syndication Program

Leverage your website to sell more Cisco

With the WebCollage Channel Syndication Program

Your website can help you sell Cisco Small Business products - with the WebCollage Channel Syndication Program. It’s a comprehensive program designed especially tor Cisco Partners - providing a scalable, powerful way to deliver up-do-date, accurate Cisco product information and rich, multimedia assets to potential buyers. Easily integrate product marketing tools into your website to enhance the customer experience - and sell more Cisco products, worldwide.

What you get with Web Collage:
  • Demand-generation tools to drive business to your website
  • Brand showcases offering a complete solution selling experience
  • Detailed information on Cisco Small Business products
  • Access to Sales Advancer for lead generation, capture, and tracking
  • Integrated promotions to highlight specific Cisco and partner programs
  • Complete reporting metrics on WebCollage generated traffic
It’s easy, it’s effective - and it’s free

Get the benefits of the Cisco/WebCollage Channel Syndication Program
  • Available at no cost to Cisco partners
  • Easy to get started - set it up in less than an hour
  • Content is customizable - only include the Cisco products you want to sell
  • New prices and content automatically updated from Cisco
  • No maintenance, easy-to-use
  • Big sales potential
Get on board and try it, today,