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Improve and Accelerate Team Performance

In our complex work world, effective business collaboration is critical. Workforces are geographically dispersed. Travel and budgets have been reduced. Information overload is considered normal.The Cisco Collaboration portfolio, along with services from Cisco and our partners, helps you build more effective teams across corporate boundaries, companies, and continents.

  • Conferencing
  • Customer Care
  • Enterprise Social Software
  • IP Communications
  • Messaging
  • Mobile Applications
  • Telepresence

Provide customers instant access to company experts. Form teams quickly, sharing the most relevant business information. Meet three customers in three countries in one day, as if everyone is in the same room. With the right tools, business collaboration can be up close and personal at any distance.


Cisco Collaboration Solutions are built on a modular architecture that integrates with your existing environment while introducing new communication and collaboration capabilities. You can take advantage of on-premise and online collaboration capabilities with flexiblie delivery models that include:

  • an on-premise infrastructure
  • a hosted SaaS solution
  • or a combination of both

Each method allows you to implement and deploy collaboration applications in any order and on your own schedule.

The network helps bring together a rich set of communications and online collaboration services enhanced by medianet capabilities that make it easy to integrate video into your online collaboration interactions. These services can be used by many Cisco and third-party applications and devices.

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